Wastewater Discharge Application

Wastewater Discharge Application

Either an Abbreviated or Detailed Wastewater Discharge Application must be submitted to the ACRWC if an organization proposes to discharge industrial wastewater into the ACRWC’s system which meets one or more of the following:

  • The average discharge rate will be equal to or is greater than 1 mega litre (1000 m3) flow/day;
  •  A temporary discharge is proposed;
  • A new continuous discharge is proposed;
  • The proposed discharge is not in compliance with any of the terms and conditions of ACRWC’s Quality of Wastewater Bylaw No. 8; or
  • ACRWC’s Regulatory Services Source Control Group determines to initiate the Wastewater Discharge Permit process for an ICI (Industrial, Commercial, Institutional) business based on Inspection of the ICI business.

If the application is approved, a Wastewater Discharge Permit will be issued to the applicant by the ACRWC.  If the application is denied or requires revision, the applicant will be contacted.

If the wastewater in question is to be discharged into one of the Alberta Capital Region’s Hauled Waste Transfer Stations (septage receiving stations), the appropriate municipality must also be contacted to gain access to the Transfer Station and to understand any other requirements the municipality may have.  A listing of the Alberta Capital Region’s Transfer Stations and approximate locations appears on the final page of the Detailed Wastewater Discharge Application.

The ACRWC will not consider wastewater originating outside of its service area.

Prior to completing a Wastewater Discharge Application, the ACRWC Bylaw No. 8 – Quality of Wastewater should be referenced to compare the characteristics of the proposed wastewater discharge with the acceptable characteristics and restricted limits within the Bylaw.

The ACRWC will not accept uncontaminated storm or groundwater. If the characteristics of the wastewater to be discharged meet the minimum requirements of Alberta Environment and Park’s Environmental Quality Guidelines for Alberta Surface Waters please contact your municipality regarding discharge to storm sewer. If the parameters of the wastewater to be discharged are above the Environmental Quality Guidelines for Alberta Surface Waters and are less than ACRWC’s bylaw restricted limits, please complete and submit the Discharge Application.  If the characteristics do not meet the minimum Bylaw limits, an alternative disposal method may be required; however, the ACRWC may still consider the Wastewater Discharge Application or request a revision.

Should I submit a Wastewater Discharge Application?

Follow the flow chart below to help you decide whether you should submit an application to ACRWC


Select either the Abbreviated Wastewater Discharge Application or the Detailed Wastewater Discharge Application. If uncertain which to select, contact ACRWC via email at  discharge@acrwc.ab.ca; Attention: Regulatory Services. To submit a completed application, refer to directions on Page 1 of either of the document.

Abbreviated Application


Detailed Application