Capital Projects

ACRWC Infrastructure

The Commission’s facilities include the following:

• The Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), located in Strathcona County near Fort Saskatchewan, is a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility which uses biological processes to produce a high quality effluent. The plant reduces the oxygen demand of the effluent and removes solids, phosphorous and nitrogen from the wastewater. Effluent is disinfected by ultraviolet light before discharge to the North Saskatchewan River.

• Five large-capacity wastewater pumping stations located throughout the regional transmission system.

• Five wastewater transfer stations where domestic wastewater is accepted from residential homes and industrial, institutional and commercial facilities that are not connected to a sanitary sewer system.

• There are 196 km of trunk sewers comprised of forcemains and gravity sewers connecting member municipalities to this Plant.

About 50% of the ACRWC’s assets are all located in the transmission system located within an hour’s drive of the WWTP. The estimated replacement value of the ACRWC’s assets is about $500 million dollars. Flows from our southern members are treated at the City of Edmonton’s Goldbar WWTP.

Current Capital Projects

Upgrades and work being completed on the ACRWC transmission infrastructure in the Alberta Capital Region are further detailed below. These sections are regularly updated with details in regards to the works and approximate timelines of construction and completion.

Spruce Grove Wet Weather Facility Upgrade

Project Description:

The ACRWC will be upgrading the Wet Weather Facility on Century Road in Parkland County. The system will be upgraded from a manually operated system, to a system that can be operated remotely. Currently, in the event of heavy rainfall, an ACRWC operator must go to the site. The new system will allow the ACRWC to quickly respond to a heavy rainfall event from the ACRWC plant.

This is a multi-phase project with Phase 1 including storage facility improvements, the construction of a pump station and a new forcemain pipe along Century Road. Phase 2 will include the development of a diversion chamber and adjacent diversion pipe and Phase 3 will include rehabilitation of the existing diversion pipe.

More details about this project will be added to this page as they become available. If you have any further questions, please contact the ACRWC at or 780.467.8655.



Phase 1 is scheduled to occur between the spring and fall of 2022. Specific timing and duration of construction during this time period is still being determined.

Phases 2 and 3 are planned to take place between 2024 – 2026. Scheduling is still being determined, but this  work will occur during warmer months to allow for easier access. Phase 2 should take roughly six months to complete and phase 3 should take about two months to complete.

Please note: While we do our best to plan construction and abide by construction timelines communicated to the public, external factors may delay the schedule such as weather, approvals and construction conditions.

Expected Impacts:

Most of the work will take place at the Wet Weather Facility itself and will have limited impact on the surrounding community. A portion of the work will take place along Century Road (RR 272) and will result in a reduced speed limit and increased presence of construction vehicles on Century Road at certain times throughout the project.

Waste Gas Burner Facility Upgrades - ACRWC Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Description:

The ACRWC is undertaking a project to upgrade the Waste Gas Burner Facility. The project will involve the construction of a new Waste Gas Burner Building and flares, a Condensate Room inside the basement of the existing Digester Control Building, all associated process and building systems, commissioning of the new burner system, and demolition of the existing flare building and systems. The project is being completed to upgrade out of date infrastructure to accommodate future biogas production.



Construction started at the beginning of May 2020, and is expected to be completed in the fall/winter of 2021.

Expected Impacts:

The work will take place at the ACRWC Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), 23262 Township Road 540, Fort Saskatchewan. The existing flare system will be operational until the new system has been commissioned and any required connections/tie-ins will be coordinated with the WWTP control center, to minimize impact to operations.

St. Albert Pump Station Pumping and Electrical Upgrade

Project Description:

The ACRWC will install two additional pumps with variable frequency drives and modify the existing electrical system for improved control and monitoring

The goal of the project is to add redundant pumps to the existing two pumps already in the station and upgrade the electrical.


Construction will commence in late March with work being completed by the end Dec 2021

Expected Impacts:

No public impact is expected as all work to take place within the station

ACRWC START Rehabilitation/Replacement – 2021-2022 50 Street and Horsehills Creek Crossings

Project Description:

The ACRWC will replace and rehabilitate existing wastewater sewer pipe and install new
wastewater sewer pipe west of 50 Street, crossing 50 Street, and crossing Horsehills Creek
east of 18 Street and directly south of Valour Avenue (~388 m of sewer replaced and ~114 m of
sewer rehabilitated).
The goal of the project is to address the poor structural condition of the pipes and to increase
pipe capacity.



Construction will commence in late October/early November 2021 with work being completed by
the end of May/early June 2022.

Expected Impacts:

Temporary and short duration traffic disruption may occur when trucks and equipment are
turning in and out of the construction accesses. Bypass hoses may be located within road right
of ways.

Parkland Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation – ROW Preparation

Project Description:

The Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission (ACRWC) is completing a project to rehabilitate the existing wastewater transmission sewer in its right-of-way located between the north end of Highway 60 (Range Road 263) and our Parkland Pump Station, located at the north end of Range Road 261



The project is currently in the tendering phase. Once a contract is awarded, the contractor will complete the final design components specific to their selected rehabilitation method. Final design is anticipated to be complete in summer 2022, with construction expected to begin in fall 2022. Construction will continue for approximately 2 years, with completion slated for summer 2024.

Expected Impacts:

Prior to construction starting in fall 2022, limited activity is expected on the site. Where possible, rehabilitation methods will be used to limit the amount of ground disturbance that is necessary. The working area is expected to be generally contained within the 20 m width of the ACRWC’s right-of-way. In some locations, additional temporary workspace from adjacent landowners may be required, depending on the contractor’s methodology. During construction, the informal trails located within the ACRWC’s right-of-way will be closed to public access to maintain a safe environment for both the public and the construction team. Signage will be placed at existing access points to notify the public of closures. Residents can expect increased construction traffic along both Range Road 261 and Highway 60 (Range Road 263), north of Highway 16. The work will create typical noise that is associated with construction.

Project Notices:

April 2022

ACRWC Outfall Sewer Replacement – 2022 Repair East of 127 Street

Project Description:

The ACRWC will replace about 297 m of existing wastewater sewer pipe located east of 127 Street and directly south of Valour Avenue.

The goal of the project is to replace the collapsed sewer section that resulted in the sinkhole east of 127 Street and adjacent sections of deteriorated sewer pipe. These pipe segments will be replaced with larger diameter pipe to increase the Outfall sewer’s capacity.


Construction will commence in early May with work being completed by the end of June/early July 2022.

Expected Impacts:

Temporary and short duration traffic disruption may occur when trucks and equipment are turning in and out of the construction accesses.

Please email if there are questions or concerns in regards to the projects featured above. Please indicate which project you are inquiring about in the email.