Capital Projects

ACRWC Infrastructure

The Commission’s facilities include the following:

• The Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), located in Strathcona County near Fort Saskatchewan, is a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility which uses biological processes to produce a high quality effluent. The plant reduces the oxygen demand of the effluent and removes solids, phosphorous and nitrogen from the wastewater. Effluent is disinfected by ultraviolet light before discharge to the North Saskatchewan River.

• Five large-capacity wastewater pumping stations located throughout the regional transmission system.

• Five wastewater transfer stations where domestic wastewater is accepted from residential homes and industrial, institutional and commercial facilities that are not connected to a sanitary sewer system.

• There are 196 km of trunk sewers comprised of forcemains and gravity sewers connecting member municipalities to this Plant.

About 50% of the ACRWC’s assets are all located in the transmission system located within an hour’s drive of the WWTP. The estimated replacement value of the ACRWC’s assets is about $500 million dollars. Flows from our southern members are treated at the City of Edmonton’s Goldbar WWTP.

Current Capital Projects

Upgrades and work being completed on the ACRWC transmission infrastructure in the Alberta Capital Region are further detailed below. These sections are regularly updated with details in regards to the works and approximate timelines of construction and completion.

Fort Saskatchewan Forcemain Twinning

Project Background

Sanitary flows from Fort Saskatchewan, Gibbons, Bon Accord and parts of Sturgeon County flow by gravity to the ACRWC’s Fort Saskatchewan Pump Station (FSPS) located on the North Saskatchewan River just NE of the Village of Lamoureux.

The FSPS pumps the flows into an existing 5km long, 600mm diameter forcemain that ends near the intersection of Highway 37 and Manning Drive.

Through a public tendering process, the ACRWC has hired the Borger Group of Companies to install a new 750mm diameter forcemain in the existing ACRWC right of way. The new second forcemain will be made of High Density Polyethylene pipe. The existing 600mm PVC pipe will remain in place and will be remain fully functional once construction is completed.

The new twin 750mm forcemain will be placed into service in early fall 2017.


Construction Update

Proposed schedule of construction, September 2016 to December 2017.

The new 750mm forcemain has been installed and backfilled. Minor repairs to the original 600mm forcemain have been completed.

Final testing and commissioning of the force main system has been completed.

Deficiency work is ongoing and is scheduled to be completed before planting of crops in 2018

Parkland Pump Station Generator Upgrade

Background Information

The Parkland Pump Station is located on the City of Edmonton boundary in Parkland County on the banks of Big Lake. The pump station was built in the mid-1980’s and the existing, and original Back-Up electrical generator system has reached the end of its operational life cycle.

Construction Update

The Construction has been awarded to Setanta Contracting Ltd.

The installation of the new Generator system will remain within the existing ACRWC property.

The construction is scheduled to be complete in early 2018.


Gibbons Pump Station HVAC Replacement

Background Information

The Gibbons Pump Station (GPS) was designed and built in the mid - 1980’s and is located on the Sturgeon River North East of the Town of Gibbons.

The existing HVAC units are at the end of life and require replacing


Construction Update

The Construction has not been awarded to date

The installation of the new HVAC system will remain within the existing ACRWC property.

The construction is scheduled to be complete in 2018.

Parkland Gravity Sewer Twinning

Background Information

To provide sanitary sewer service to Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and Parkland County, the ACRWC operates the Parkland Gravity Sewer (PLGS).

The PLGS begins in Stony Plain, crosses into Spruce Grove at Atim Creek near Boundary Road and travels along the Southern edge of Grove Drive.  The PLGS then travels North along Jennifer Heil Way and then crosses to the north side of Highway 16.  The PLGS then travels East to the limits of the City of Edmonton.

Along the overall length of the PLGS, there are a series of sanitary service connections for Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and Parkland County.

The ACRWC is twinning a 3.2km portion of the PLGS to provide additional hydraulic capacity required to accommodate population growth in the region and increased flows during rainfall events.

The 3.2km portion scheduled for 2017 upgrades begins on the East side of Jennifer Heil Way North of Grove Drive. The project construction area will end near Century Road North of Highway 16.

The Construction period will start in July 2017 and it is anticipated that the project will be substantially completed before the end of 2017.  It is likely that some soil remediation will need to be done in 2018 once warm weather arrives.


Construction Update

Through a public tendering process, the ACRWC has hired Pidherney’s Construction to complete this project. The proposed schedule of construction, July 2017 to December 2017.

Pidherney’s has completed installation of the new twinned gravity line on the North side of Highway 16. The areas South of Highway 16 along Jennifer Heil Way will be completed in the spring of 2018.

Please email if there are questions or concerns in regards to the projects featured above. Please indicate which project you are inquiring about in the email.